Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Questions to Ask Yourself/Self Evaluation

As we go through life, some of us will do self-evaluation exercises with ease. Others of us would prefer to dig deep. The following is a list of questions that we should periodically be asking ourselves. How about now? Take the time to go through the list, you may hit on something that needs a little spiritual work.

Husbands and Wives:
  • Did you love your spouse by putting love for Christ in front of the love for them?
  • Did you pray for your spouse?
  • Did you support the married families in the church?
  • Did you provide positive discipleship to those younger than you?
  • Did you show the singles a positive view of marriage?
  • Did you provide positive discipleship to those younger than you?
  • Did you display sold Christian leadership in the home?
  • If your wife is an unbeliever, did you pray for her salvation?
  • If your wife is a believer, did you pray for her to grow in her sanctification?
  • Did you show love to your wife?
  • Did you meet the emotional and physical needs of your wife, placing her above yourself?
  • Did you submit to your husbands spiritual leadership?
  • If your husband is an unbeliever, did you pray for his salvation?
  • If your husband is a believer, did you pray for him to grow in his sanctification?
  • Did you show respect to your husband, encouraging him, meeting his emotional and physical needs and placing his needs above yours?
  • Did you pray about whether you are called to marry?
  • Did you pray for your future spouse?
  • Did you find full sufficiency in Jesus alone?
  • Have you been selfless in your relationships with your closest friends?
  • Did you demonstrate the love of Christ and His grace to your children?
  • Did you spend time this week teaching your children about the greatness of Jesus?
  • Was your life a confirmation of the Gospel for your children this week?
  • Were you obedient to your parents this week?
  • Did you attempt to live at peace with your siblings?
  • Did you spend regular time in prayer this week?
  • Did you spend regular time in the Bible this week?
  • Did you do your best to make Christ your treasure this week?
  • Did you, at any point, allow something besides Christ to be your treasure this week? What was that thing? How will you (or did you) deal with this?
  • What ministry are you serving in this week? At church?
  • Did you share Christ with anyone this week?
  • Who are you actively attempting to share Christ with?
  • Who are some friends you are praying that will meet Christ?
  • Did you give undue emphasis to money this week (spending recklessly, worrying constantly, being stingy)?
  • Were you sexually pure this week? Did you guard your heart, mind and eyes?
  • Did you attend church this week?
  • Did you seek to connect with others in the body this week?
  • Did you support the church with time and/or money this week?
  • Did you seek out friendship and fellowship with church members this week?
  • Are you letting other members of the body of Christ speak into your life?
  • Have you confessed your sin to the Lord?
  • Were you dependable?