Monday, April 12, 2010

The Little Tiny Bug

The other day, after I was working in my garden, I was sitting by our dinning room table enjoying time with our family.  After sitting there for a while, I felt something crawling up my leg.  Now living here in the South, the possibility of getting a "carry-on" from outside is pretty common.  Regardless of what it was, I am glad that it was on my leg as opposed to being on my head or some place worse.

As I looked at the little fella, I became a little curious by him.  He, I am sure it was a he, was quite small.  Round-ish, with some sort of black "armor" type of exoskeleton thing.  He was not biting me, just sitting there in the hair of my leg.

I picked him up.
He fell on the floor.

I picked him up again.
Again, he fell on the floor.

Almost like he was playing dead.  Or playing with me.  Not like a dog plays with his owner, but like a cat plays with a mouse, and I was the mouse.

I think to some extent this was his defense mechanism.  Almost a "if-I-fall-to-the-ground-no-one-will-notice-me" attitude.
"Just forget about me."
"Don't think about me anymore."
"I am nothing."
"See, just a speck on the ground."
"Don't worry.  It's almost like I am not even here anymore."

Hmmmm.  Doesn't that remind you of someone?

Here is the truth.  The devil doesn't want us to believe in him anymore.  He wants us to just forget about him.  To not worry about the little stuff.  Because if we forget about him, then we won't be surprised by the fact that he has taken over so many areas of our lives.

Remember, satan is a beautiful creature, and he can disguise himself incredibly well.
What are you being tempted by right now?
Is it beautiful?
Is it valuable?
Does it sound good?
Can it make you feel good?

Let me remind you of something.  Satan has no power over you.  If you are in Christ, you are free.  Keep in mind that "our adversary, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).  We have to keep our eyes open to really see him.  So the call on our lives is to "put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil (Eph 6:11).  The choice here is will you give into the temptation or not. 

So what happened to the bug?  He is gone.  Forever.  After the fourth time falling from my finger, I brought him to the porcelain bowl.  Flushed down the drain.