Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Made the Bed This Morning

Not our bed.
Not our room.

Seems like the schedule of our home is always on fast. I can't believe that I would be the only one to have a schedule like this. We certainly are not alone.

As soon as the morning buzzer goes off, both my wife and I are out of bed.  Most of the time, she even beats the alarm.  I head out the door for a run and she takes sometime to unwind. 

The past year or so, a competition has crept up between us.  We have yet to speak of it, but I believe that both of us know that it's real.  

We are in a race to see who can make the bed in the morning.

By the time that I get back from my morning run, it's my turn in the bathroom to get ready.  Sometimes the bed is made by then.

On occasion, I can "trip" my wife up a bit and scoot in the bedroom before it's her turn in the bathroom so that I can make the bed.

Now keep a few things in mind here. 
We don't make the bed in different ways. There is not a "his way" or "her way" of making it.
If one of us is making the bed, the other person tends to let him or her continue to make the bed.

Here is the deal though.
God has continued to grow me in my love for my wife through the years.  In doing that, I am noticing in my own life that I used to "work" for my wife.  In a way that if she asked me to do something for her or the house, I would do it rather begrudgingly.  It was work. It wasn't love.

But God, as stated, has continued to grow me.  I am noticing now that I do love making the bed.  Not as a chore. Not because I think I can make it better. I love making the bed, because I love my wife.

The example of husbands loving their wives well in Scripture is found in Ephesians 5:25. "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her." Christ's love towards the church, found in serving her is our example of how we men should be loving our wives.

A lofty goal. Only by the power of Christ in our life.

What about you? How are you loving your wife more these days?