Friday, March 19, 2010

New Music Friday - The Trigger Code

I am hoping to start a new series here on the I Will Take Hold blog.  Every Friday I would like to introduce you to a new artist - at least that will be my hope.

First up - The Trigger Code.

Back in 2004, the now defunct record label signed an unknown by the name of Taylor Sorensen.  First full length record was aptly titled "The Overflow."  Here is some bio information from Rocketown Records:
When new Rocketown Records' artist Taylor Sorensen refers to common themes such as love, revolution or rock 'n' roll, he has anything but their common definitions in mind. The 23-year-old rock singer cuts through the surface to find the true significance of such often-cheapened words. It is this nave, unfaltering belief in the timeless that makes his thoroughly modern music stand out to audiences fortunate enough to hear it.
With the end of something (namely record contract) usually sparks something new.  Taylor continued singing around Nashville and anywhere else he and his band could.  He wasn't shy about playing and he played as much as he could.  Well, years go by and things change.  So they did for Taylor as well.  He dropped the "solo" gig and started a band, thus The Trigger Code was born.

The Trigger Code has new fervor.  They aren't playing a lot in Nashville currently, because they are working on a new record.  I have included a few links for you to check The Trigger Code out further on your own.  I would highly recommend that you snag this record for free while you can.

The Trigger Code on Facebook